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November 2023

A Day with General Petraeus​

What an amazing and historic series of events. We hosted General David H. Petraeus, US Army (Ret.) across three events. Our total attendance from the Lunch, Dinner and Speaking event totaled over 1,000 people, making this a huge success for the Atlanta Community.

Aug 2023

Annual Business Conference

This year we are hosting our first annual business conference as our main fundraiser. Will we see you there? Checkout all the information you need for the BATL Biz Summit here. 

Sweat with a Vet

Home Depot Back Yard

We got out there… Well Zack didn’t… But the rest of us got out there and enjoyed and awesome event at the Home Depot Back Yard and couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. Make sure you catch us at the next one! 

June 2023

BATL Confidence

BATL Confidence event on 06/27/2023 with a panel of powerful women entrepreneurs including KC Sullivan, Taylor Merritt, & Laura Hamilton.

This was the first full collaboration for BATL Confidence and highlighting three amazing women talking everything health and wellness, with an emphasis on mindset.

Highlight Reel

Full Video

Views event December 2022

Hero Agriculture View

Chip Crumbly with Dogwood Forge & Farrier gives us a complete workshop on horseshoe making. Horseshoe making requires very specific tolerances & technique with a special kind of craftsmanship as shown in this 4k 50fps video. Chip Crumbly also shares with us a bit of history about horseshoe making and how horseshoes have allowed for healthier horses & further exploration in this workshop at Reynolds Farm in Calhoun, Ga sponsored by ATLVets.

The Four M's

Our Pillars

These are the four pillars we see every veteran needing helping with after they transition out of the military and we are were to provide the resources needed.


Learn how to talk about yourself and tell the world about who you are, without the uniform.


We all need a boost in confidence, especially when it's the first time we are standing for our own mission.


Many veterans lose discipline once it's no longer required. This helps us maintain that skill.


Remember that E4 that bought a fancy new car? We all do. Let's learn how to do better.




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