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Our goal is to curate a diverse lineup of speakers for the program that embodies the values of service, leadership, and resilience, while providing insightful perspectives and engaging storytelling to inspire and educate the audience.

These opportunities range from monthly in-person events in Atlanta, DC, Norfolk and Tampa; virtual webinars desgined to educate the audience through your expertise and event the opportunity to be featured on different business and veteran podcasts.

Benefits of being a Speaker

  • Visibility and Exposure: Speaking engagements offer visibility and exposure to a wider audience, enhancing personal and professional recognition.

  • Networking Opportunities: Speakers often have the chance to network with other industry professionals, potential collaborators, and like-minded individuals, leading to new connections and opportunities.

  • Establishing Authority and Credibility: By sharing expertise and insights on a specific topic, speakers can establish themselves as authorities in their field, enhancing their credibility and reputation.

  • Personal and Professional Growth: Speaking engagements provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, including improved public speaking skills, confidence building, and refining communication abilities.

  • Promotion of Ideas or Causes: Speakers can use their platform to promote important ideas, causes, or initiatives they are passionate about, contributing to positive change and impact.

  • Building Brand Awareness: For individuals representing organizations or businesses, speaking engagements help in building brand awareness and promoting products, services, or initiatives.

  • Thought Leadership: Speaking engagements allow individuals to showcase their thought leadership and share innovative ideas, perspectives, and insights with others in their industry or community.

Who We're Looking For

An ideal speaker would be someone who possesses a unique combination of expertise, passion, and communication skills. They should have deep knowledge and experience in their field or topic of discussion, allowing them to provide valuable insights and perspectives to the audience. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be passionate about sharing their knowledge and engaging with others, demonstrating enthusiasm and authenticity in their presentations. Strong communication skills are essential, including the ability to articulate ideas clearly, engage the audience effectively, and adapt to different speaking environments. Moreover, an ideal speaker should be open-minded, approachable, and willing to connect with the audience on a personal level, fostering a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved. Overall, our speakers are those who can inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impact on the audience through their expertise, passion, and engaging communication style.

Admiral Jim Stavridis fmr NATO Commander


The expectations for speakers at our events:

  • Prepare thoroughly 
  • Be punctual
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Engage the audience actively
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Be adaptable to changes
  • Respect diversity
  • Be authentic
  • Follow up with attendees
  • Accept feedback graciously
  • Don’t sell from stage

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