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Advancing The Line for Veterans

Advancing The Line

for Veterans

We are your battle buddy for ‘Now What’… One of the hardest parts of life for veterans is identifying the next mission that’s worth waking up tomorrow. Let us help you in that journey to freedom.

ATLVets for veteran business owners
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A huge thanks to ATLVets and team for putting together an AMAZING author speaking event for me. They even provided great video content after the event, very well done on it all!
David Petraeus
General US Army (R) and Fmr Head of CIA
Our Vision & Mission

Advancing The Line

We have four pillars we stand on: Marketing, Mindset, Movement and Money Management. We use these five M’s guide us in teaching each of our veterans the skills they need to succeed outside of the uniform. Our events, workshops and grant giving are all focused on those four pillars for each veteran so that we can enhance their workforce and professional development.

Network Development

Your network is your net worth. The best way to improve your network is by getting out there and being present with like minded business executives and veterans in our community. Join us at our next event to start building your network! 

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What a wonderful event, my thanks to everybody for asking me to come to Atlanta and talk about all of these important topics. Well done ATLVets and thank you for Advancing The Line!
James Stavridis
Admiral US Navy (R) Fmr NATO Commander

Professional Development

We have partnered with several organizations to provide free business courses for veteran workforce development. We want to make sure every veteran has the education they need at their fingertips.

Personal Development

We know one thing is certain, if your business life is going to flourish, your personal life must be in order and intact. We want to provide a safe arena to connect and share the things that we are all struggling with. Connect with us to grow with us.

A Local Veteran Needing Our Help

Bryan is a local veteran we are supporting and working to help Advance the Line. All proceeds from this weekend will go directly to ATLVets to support veterans like Bryan, who is working toward a small grant to move the needle in his business with marketing assistance.

Want to see our list of Projects? Download the PDF to see who we're looking to help next.

The Four M's

Our Pillars

These are the four pillars we see every veteran needing helping with after they transition out of the military and we are were to provide the resources needed.


Learn how to talk about yourself and tell the world about who you are, without the uniform.


We all need a boost in confidence, especially when it's the first time we are standing for our own mission.


Many veterans lose discipline once it's no longer required. This helps us maintain that skill.

Money Management

Remember that E4 that bought a fancy new car? We all do. Let's learn how to do better.

Some of Our Wins

Here are a few of the wins we’ve created within our community. We host several events each month, so please head to our events page to join us at our next one!

May 2024
First Pickleball Tournament

We hosted our very first Pickleball Tournament and had 12 teams competing to win it all! Will you be there for the next one??

April 2024
A Day with Admiral Stavridis

What an amazing and historic series of events. We hosted an unforgettable day with Admiral Stavridis, a distinguished military leader and author, as he discusses his latest book and shares insights from his remarkable career.

February 2024
Annual ATLVets Retreat

This year we are hosted our first annual retreat. We took 12 amazing participants into a weekend full of learning and growing to help us all expand our professional development.

November 2023
A Day with General Petraeus

What an amazing and historic series of events. We hosted General David H. Petraeus, US Army (Ret.) across three events. Our total attendance from the Lunch, Dinner and Speaking event totaled over 1,000 people, making this a huge success for the Atlanta Community.

August 2023
Annual Business Conference

This year we are hosting our first annual business conference as our main fundraiser. Will we see you there? Checkout all the information you need for the BATL Biz Summit here. 

June 2023

We were able to host VETLANTA once again for the very first book signing by Lloyd Knight, the founder of VETLANTA. He released his book detailing his life and journey while building an amazing organization.

Sweat with a Vet

After many hikes and workouts, we made it back to Mercedes Benz Stadium for more Sweat with a Vet events. Each event grows bigger and better and we have even had veterans drive from other 3 hours away just to attend these awesome community workouts.

Huge shoutout to Taylor Merritt and her awesome corporate fitness company for always providing the energy for our morning sessions!

Atlanta based veteran non profit
Q1 - 2023
Sales Synergistics Workshops

Sales Synergistics founder, Jason Smith, provided a quarter long sales training curriculum for small business owners focused on building their sales strategies. We facilitated and supported Jason with the opportunity to present several workshops throughout the quarter highlighting his expertise and sales acumen as a veteran business leader.

BATL Business Networking

In collaboration with several veteran owned businesses and support organizations, we help fund and facilitate several monthly networking and business related events locally in Atlanta. This led to the create of a Veteran Club within the Buckhead Club of Atlanta and multiple events each month throughout 2023!


Our team supported VETLANTA’s virtual platform through sponsorships and helped the organization 20x their visibility in one year’s time with a $12,000 annual sponsorship. We were also able to facilitate an amazing workout and private tour at Mercedes Benz Stadium as a brand awareness and community event.

December 2022

We helped Mike Reynolds and his team get in front of the right people, leading to an amazing highlight in front of a new sponsor!

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Community is Everything

Advancing The Line
through community

In November of 2022, our founder, Zack A Knight, brought business, veteran and family communities together for his book signing event. He highlights his journey from the battlefield to the boardroom and shares how he recovered from near suicide. His book, The Legacy of Love: A Journey of Self-Mastery, released #1 best seller in mental health and philosophy. Here’s a message from his mentor, Michael J. Coles.

Come and Join us

Our Up Coming Campaign

Human Rights Conference

15 Aug 2021, at Rome Park

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Economic development

16 Aug 2021, at Rome Park

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Happy Mind Happy Life

17 Aug 2021, at Rome Park

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Strength Of Politic

18 Aug 2021, at Rome Park

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ATLVets for veteran business owners

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