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Zack A Knight - Advancing the line for veterans

Zack A Knight


"We give veterans a new mission and purpose for their lives"

Zack has served as a police officer and SWAT operator in metro-Atlanta and then left to become an Army Infantry leader and deployed alongside Green Berets during a combat tour in Afghanistan. After 14 years of unformed service, Zack was going to become a statistic of another lost veteran as he was having the uniform taken from him with a career ending surgery due to nerve damage. He discovered a new purpose in business and devoted himself to that mission while he took the time to heal his physical and mental wounds.

Our Board

Tommy Breedlove


Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Selling Author of the Book,"Legendary" | Keynote Speaker | Be Legendary! 🔥

Our Team Melissa Mullins

Melissa Mullins


I believe that our lives are like climbing big mountains, when you get to the top the views are beautiful. Our futures are beautiful !!

Bill Gayler

US Army Major General (ret.)

Senior Strategic Advisor at PeopleTec, Inc; Government Advisory Board Member- Archer Aviation; and Independent Consultant.

Elizabeth Stephens

Elizabeth Stephens

USMC Aviator (ret.)

CEO of DBS Cyber | National Security Fellow

Edgar Gonzalez

US Army (active)

COO at EarTuff | Operations | Real Estate Investor

Our Team Jacob Ethel

Jacob Ethel

US Navy (ret.)

Sr. Manager, M&A Advisory Services PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS, S.C.

Greg Wright

USMC Aviator (ret.)

Retired Marine Aviator now serving financial advisors and ultra-high net worth client’s planning needs.

Scott Law

US Navy Nuclear Engineer (ret.)

National Family Office Enterprise Growth Leader

Jamie Decker

Board Member

Mortgage Loan Originator and Capital Investor

Our Pillars


Our Team Nate Sampson

Nate Sampson

Bringing purpose 'Through The Lens' of cinematic storytelling with content that connects and inspires. Legacy through the Lens.


Our Team KC Sullivan

KC Sullivan

“Confidence, the cornerstone of achievement” Confidence Curator | Image Consultant | Wardrobe Curator | Film & Photo branding stylist


Our Team Taylor Merritt

Taylor Merrit

Health and Wellness Coach | Business Owner | Designing healthier lifestyles for those who love to live, work and play.

Money Management

Our Team Dave Houser

Dave Houser

I work with folks to get their financial house in order so that they build a life they never want to retire from.

Why this Team?

Our goal is to have every resource a veteran needs to build their life after the uniform with our Four M's

So many veterans struggle with finding themselves outside of a uniform. We struggle with marketing ourselves, having confidence, maintain financial well-being and staying fit and active. Through this team, we provide events and access to maintain and learn those things through monthly events throughout the country.


Learn how to talk about yourself and tell the world about who you are, without the uniform.


We all need a boost in confidence, especially when it's the first time we are standing for our own mission.


Many veterans lose discipline once it's no longer required. This helps us maintain that skill.

Money Management

Remember that E4 that bought a fancy new car? We all do. Let's learn how to do better.

Ready to support the mission?

ATLVets for veteran business owners

Creating big wins for small, veteran owned organizations

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Address: 10 Glenlake Pkwy., Ste 130, Sandy Springs, Ga 30328

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