Atlanta based veteran non profit


Our mission is to empower veterans to find a renewed purpose and passion, a new mission, that enables them to continue operating at a high level after the uniform.

Our Values

If you can remember these things and find your own ethos, we believe you will succeed in waking up tomorrow ready to tackle the day.

Professionalism is a Precursor to Excellence

  • This includes your appearance and how you present yourself
  • If you aren’t invested in your appearance, they won’t be invested in you

Complacency Kills - Always Take Action

  • This is the opposite of laziness and shows you’re invested
  • Any action is better and inaction, I can retrain the wrong action
  • If you lack clarity on what action to take, asking for clarity is still taking action

Ownership is Nothing without Accountability

  • Always bring a solution to the table. Don’t complain about a problem, solve it
  • If a mistake was made, own it and deliver a plan to correct it

Earned Over Entitled​

  • You’re entitled to nothing, earn it
  • No one cares what you did last year. What have you done lately

Time is of the essence, Respect it. Yours and Theirs.

  • You will earn and provide more respect by doing this
  • This means being on time, every time. Being early won’t hurt you

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

  • Clear and concise communication is one of the greatest keys to success
  • Be respectful in how you communication and expect respect in how they communicate

Our Pillars

These are the four pillars we see every veteran needing helping with after they transition out of the military and we are were to provide the resources needed.


Learn how to talk about yourself and tell the world about who you are, without the uniform.


We all need a boost in confidence, especially when it's the first time we are standing for our own mission.


Many veterans lose discipline once it's no longer required. This helps us maintain that skill.

Money Management

Remember that E4 that bought a fancy new car? We all do. Let's learn how to do better.

Stay tuned for more and let us know how we can assist you!

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